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IP Phone Card Background

What is IP?

Short for Internet Protocol. IP specifies the format of packets, also called datagrams, and the addressing scheme. Most networks combine IP with a higher-level protocol called Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which establishes a virtual connection between a destination and a source.

What is IP Phone Card?

When you purchase a IP Phone Card, you purchase calling minutes in advance, and have them at your disposal whenever you want to make a call. When you want to use it, usually you just dial a certain number on the back of the card, enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and dial the number you want to call. It's easy and convenient.

Why should I use IP Phone Cards?

IP Phone Cards save you money on your phone call bills.Upgrade your long distance service without the trouble of having to change carriers. The rates are much lower than the traditional phone service.

IP Phone Card Web Sites!

American Freedom Central - Offering prepaid phone cards, dial tone and cellular services.
Atlantic Phone Cards - Prepaid phonecards for domestic and international calling with online email delivery.
BAB Communications, Inc. - Pre-paid and custom phone cards with various domestic and international rates.
CallDepot - Provides dial-around and pre-paid calling cards. Includes rate calculator.
Cheers International - Provides phonecards for international and domestic phone calls.
CTW Prepaid - Offers long distance and cellular prepaid phone cards with many choices of rates, plans, services. A complete billing service enables more time for sales.
Dial Around the World - Prepaid phone cards for all of your long distance calling, domestic and international., Inc. - International and long distance prepaid phone card service provider.
e4tel Networks - Offering USA and Canadian phone cards. Located in Canada.
Gamut Enterprises - Wide range of prepaid phonecards domestic and international.
GHL - Canadian based sales agency.
Go Prepaid - Canadian distribution of prepaid long distance, wireless and internet products. Private branded programs for custom applications and vending machine programs also available. - Discounted brand name prepaid phone cards.
GPA - Prepaid products including phone cards, gift cards and business opportunity.
Hello Howzit - Call from the USA and Australia for international phone calls. Online sign-up.
Just Phone Cards - Offers prepaid phone cards for domestic and international long distance to places in North America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
Kidsconnect - Offers parents prepaid phone cards with stored phone numbers for kids, providing easy calling for increased child safety and comfort.
Lowest Prepaid, Inc. - Domestic and international destination phonecards.
Magellex Communications - International and domestic rates.
Millennium Telecard - Wholesale local and international phone card distributor. Online order form. Includes wholesale ordering information.
Nurtel - Provides service to the Middle East and South East Asia with phone cards and long distance service.
Onesuite - Pre-paid card service provider located in Los Angeles, California.
PhoneCardSavers - Domestic and international prepaid phonecards for long distance calling in the United States and worldwide.
Phonecard-Services Ltd. - Offers cheap international telephone calls, including internet telephony. Details of products and services, including testimonials and FAQ. - Rechargeable calling cards for domestic U.S., plus rates for international.
P.P.P. Communications - Offers domestic and international cards. Bilingual 800#'s and customer service. - A distributor of prepaid long distance cards, cellular phones, paging, and home phone service.
Rahim Card Service - Call anywhere in USA and Internationally.
Reliable Communications - Prepaid phone cards for calling within USA and to international destinations.
RSL COM Canada Inc. - Prepaid phone cards.
Sea-Com - Offers domestic and International phone card products.
SpeedyPin Phone Cards - Offers prepaid phone cards for international and domestic U.S. long distance calls. PINs delievered instantly via email. - Offering international prepaid phone calling cards.
Super Phone - Pre-paid and virtual cards.
TalkHome Distribution - Wholesaler of connect fee and no connect fee products which offers products listing and discount structure.
Tel3 Communications - Supplier of phone cards.
TWC Prepaid - Offers prepaid domestic and international phone cards from GE and Network Communications.
U.S. South Communications - One of America's largest privately-held suppliers of pre-paid phone cards.
ValuCom Online - Source for international and domestic communications.
WorldQuest Networks, Inc. - Provides long distance calling services routed over the Internet and distributes pre-paid calling cards. (Nasdaq: WQNI). - Select your virtual prepaid calling cards for long distance and international calls.

Welcome to IP Phone Cards!

Welcome to IP Phone Cards!
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